5 Ways Yoga Makes You Feel Better

How Yoga Makes Us Better Partners

1.Yoga is all about connection

Practicing yoga daily makes you more connected to yourself. The process of slowing down and connecting to your breath makes you more aware of how you are feeling and what you are thinking about. When you are better able to understand yourself, it is easier to be more understanding of others, which leads to feeling more connected.

2.Yoga makes more compassionate

Yoga teaches you to love and to accept yourself. It teaches to have compassion for yourself. When you can forgive yourself for not being perfect, it is much easier to be compassionate with the imperfections of others.

3.Yoga teaches to take responsibility

When you get clearer about your own stuff your reactive tendencies, projections, and desires, you can take responsibility for your behaviour. Taking responsibility for your part in a dynamic is an important step in shifting things.

4.Yoga teaches softening and letting go

The physical practice is a great teacher some point you run into your own stuck places and there is nowhere to run. Yoga teaches to back off and go easy when you encounter a tight place in your body.

5.Yoga teaches to respond not to react

The reaction is instantaneous there is no choice involved. The space between reactivity and responsiveness is when we become less reactive we can rest in our equanimity. We reclaim our freedom slowly one breath at a time.


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