Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

Best Blogging Platform

You can build a blog in less than 1 hour
WordPress blog hosted by a company that uses cPanel, You get a number of tools with cPanel: Email accounts, web stats, security add-ons and subdomain management. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of cPanel is that you can quickly add a WordPress blog to any website.

WordPress is SEO friendly
SEO is the last thing you will be worried about because by default WordPress is more SEO friendly than Blogspot and another blogging platform so you can work on building content

Tons of free and paid WordPress Themes available
I personally vouch for paid once, because of support.  There is hundreds of theme marketplace for WordPress, from where you can download any WordPress themes.

You can build any type of website
What kind of websites can you build with WordPress? Blogs, professional business websites, e-commerce websites, membership websites, social media websites, classifieds websites, job portal, news and the list goes on and on!

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