Weekly Updates Of Bigg Boss Telugu

Weekly Updates Of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Below we mentioned all updates of bigg boss house and also mentioned about the voting process of bigg boss show.


Bigg Boss Telugu Voting – Missed Call Numbers & Online Big boss Voting:

There are a lot of rumors regarding the elimination process in Bigg boss house but the true is elimination will done through public voting only. The Elimination Process will be the same as Season 1 and it is similar with all other languages too. There will be week by week elimination in which nominated candidates will be EVICTED From the bigg boss house. The Nominated Candidates will be announced on the 1st or 2nd day of the week. Voting will be done for Nominated Candidates. The candidate who gets less number of Votes will be evicted on Saturday/Sunday which is announced by the Bigg boss host. Voting can be done through missed call & through google.co.in, we have only 2 official process to vote. The votes you vote on other polls will not be counted.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online process:

  • First simply search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” in Google.co.in or Click Here
  • Click on your favorite contestant.
  • You can increase the number up to 50 and you can only do 50 votes per day from a single Google Account.
  • After voting the contestant click on submit button.
  • You will get a popup that your vote is submitted.
  • The Votes which are submitted before every Friday 12 AM are taken into count

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting Process:

Contestants Names Missed Call Number Status
Geetha Madhuri (Singer) 7729998801 Runner-Up
Deepthi (Anchor) 7729998808 Fourth Place
Tejaswi (Actress) 7729998806 Eliminated (6th week)
Tanish (Actor) 7729998811 Third Place
Deepthi Sunaina (Actress) 7729998812 Eliminated (10th week)
Samrat (Actor) 7729998815 Fifth Place
Babu Gogineni (Rationalist) 7729998805 Eliminated (9th week)
Kireeti Damaraju (Actor) 7729998816 Eliminated (3rd week)
 Shyamala (Anchor) 7729998802 Eliminated (4th week) & Re-entered on day 50

Eliminated (13th week)

Roll Rida (Telugu Rapper ) 7729998807 Eliminated (15th week)
Amit Tiwary (Actor) 7729998813 Eliminated (14th week)
Kaushal (Actor) 7729998817 Winner for this season
Bhanu Sri (Actress) 7729998804 Eliminated (5th week)
Ganesh (Commoner Man) 7729998803 Eliminated (12th week)
Sanjana (Commoner Man) 7729998814 Eliminated (1st week)
Nutan Naidu (Commoner Man) 7729998809 Eliminated (2nd week) & Re-entered on day 50

Eliminated (12th week)

Nandini Rai 7729998810 Eliminated (8th week)
Pooja Ramachandran (Actress,VJ,Model) 7729998818 Eliminated (11th week)


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