Story Of Vamana Avatar – Vamana Avatar Story In English

Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu:

Vamana avatar is the 5th avatar of the Lord MahaVishnu. He incarnates in a time of crisis to restore cosmic balance by creatively defeating the Asura king Mahabali, who had acquired disproportionate power all over the universe.

According to the Hindu scripture, the noble demon king sponsors a sacrifice and gift giving ceremony to consolidate his power and at that time Lord Vishnu appears at this ceremony as a dwarf mendicant Brahmin with the name “Vamana”.

When Vamana’s turn comes to receive a gift from the Asura Mahabali, Mahabali offers vamana whatever riches and material wealth he would like, but Vamana refuses everything and states he would just like 3 paces of land. Mahabali finds the dwarf’s request amusingly small and irrevocably grants his wish. At sudden Vamana grows into a giant of cosmic proportions and in the first step he covers the whole earth, in second the heavens and finally for the third step he ask’s mahabali, at that time for keeping his word’s Mahabali offers his head on which Vamana steps as his third step and send’s the demon king mahabali to the Patala.

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