How to Check Spicejet Passenger Name Registration (PNR) Status

 The PNR consists of a decentralized system of interconnected national registers; normally the national directive requires airlines to transmit the information of their travellers to the competent national entity. Member states will analyze the data, share alerts and be required to provide information if another country asks for it. It involves a certain amount of data and information that is stored in airline reservation systems. Among the different data that are collected in the PNR is.

what information do you need when booking a flight online

The name of the passenger

The information about the ticket

The people you fly with

The seat number, or information about the luggage.

The dates of travel

The means of payment used


The contact details

The travel agency where the ticket was booked

The managers who impose this process usually expressly prohibit processing certain sensitive data that may reveal the racial or ethnic origin or religion of the traveller.

SpiceJet PNR

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SPICE JET is a company that is mainly characterized by the commercial transportation of passengers, cargo and correspondence, both nationally and internationally in India, providing excellent quality of service, based mainly on proper planning and management of its resources, both human and financial, with the primary purpose of satisfying the requirements of the user or customers and thus maintain the vanguard in the national commercial aviation market with a view to the international market, perfectly complying with current legal requirements and standards and standards adaptable to the business.

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Check SpiceJet PNR Status

With SPICEJET, when you make your seat reservation, you can check the PNR status of your flight through our airline website. We offer a comfortable and didactic web page for our clients to navigate, which translates to the page called administering my reservation, where you can enter your PNR number and your email address, and then verify the data of your reservation by entering the data remaining. Likewise, you must verify your Spicejet PNR status through CLEARTRIP and the information in real time about departure and arrival for your peace of mind and that of yours.

In SPICEJET we are in the arduous quest to consolidate ourselves as a reliable company with high levels of efficiency and competitiveness, which allows us to be the leading airline in the national field with the purpose of also leading the international arena.

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