Side Effects Of Using Mobile Phone – Tips To Follow while Using Mobile Phone

Consider the following tips while using your mobile phone hope it may helpful to protect yourself:

It not only depends on the choice of phone you use but the most important thing is how you use your phone. If you are health conscious and you are trying to control the amount of radiation you are exposed to. This is the best article where you can find a few simple tips that can considerably reduce the radiation you are exposed to and therefore also health risks.

Best to use a hands-free set:

Using a hands-free set is the best way to reduce radiation. Using a hands-free set is the easiest way to radically reduce the radiation you are exposed to if you use a mobile phone.

How to hold your phone while taking:

You should no cover your phone fully because by covering large areas of the phone with your hand you may reduce its ability to send and receive the signals. Once the ability of sending and receiving signals become poor your phone increases its power & transmits stronger radiation than the normal to compensate this. So, hold your phone as far down as possible, so that it can operate at low power.

Get your mobile in the best position:

You can see the signal reception strength in the phone display. When the signal reception strength is good then the phone reduces the power & radiation. If the signal reception strength is poor then the phone uses maximum power & radiation.

Don’t talk for long period of time & if possible try to use regular phone:

The radiation you are exposed to is directly related to the time you spend talking on your phone. For linger calls it is safer “and cheaper” to call from a regular phone.

Risky areas of using mobile phone:

• Do not use your mobile phone while driving. In emergency cases stop the vehicle at a safe place and talk.
• Don’t use your mobile phone in places where there is a lot of electrical equipment, such as hospitals and aircraft.
• Do not bathe with your mobile phone.
• Do not let your small children talk on your mobile phone for long periods of time. They are more harmful than adults.

Here’s a list of negative effects caused to people with excessive use of mobile phones:

• Cancer
• Lack of concentration
• Stress
• Lack of vision
• Increase of aggression
• Loss of self confidence
• Depression
• Heart problems
• Infertility
• Hearing impairment
• Skin allergies
• Infections
• Headache
• Ringing ears
• Joint pains

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