How To Save Money Every Month on Groceries in India

With food prices rising and inflation, saving money grocery shopping can seem like a hard battle. Anyway, there are certainly a few important tips you can use to ensure you stick within your budget with money to spare. Here are the best five tips to save money on grocery shopping.

6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Sales, no coupons

Clipping coupons is best if you have the extra time, but it is not nearly as best for saving money grocery shopping as simply looking out for sales. You can keep 30, 40 and even fifty percent on your grocery bill if you stick to purchasing produce items and cuts of meat there are on sale that week. If you eat a lot of fish or meat, ask your butcher about upcoming sales so you can plan your meals accordingly.

Buy in season

In the age of preservation and fast transportation, you can get almost any vegetable or fruit year-round. Anyway, that does not mean you should! If you want veggies that are both affordable and tasty, learn the principals on seasonal produce and shop accordingly. You will end up with more tasty veggies and fruits, as well, since that is grown nearer to home has more time to mature on the vine, on the tree, or in the ground.

Online Grocery Shopping


Use the benefits of online eCommerce sites to bargain as you can compare prices online on various websites like bigbasket, Amazon and many more, these sites also offers grate discounts. Even if you do not like online shopping, keep the prices handy and when you visit a store, ask them that this is the price you are getting online.

Don’t shop hungry

Ensure you have a jam-packed stomach when you go to the grocery shop, so you don’t end up shopping with your hunger instead of your brain.  You will ignore impulsively buying delicious-looking items that you don’t truly need.

Be flexible

Most people trying to keep money on grocery shopping make a list and strictly stick to it every time they go shopping. This disciple is very good and well, but it may not be important. As long as you have a general but flexible list of the things you need and meals you want to make, you will ignore making impulse buys. You should remain flexible on the details to take benefit of sales you view when you arrive at the store.

Stick to the perimeters

Fit eaters already know that the perimeters of the store are the locations to be, but this applies double to people trying to keep money grocery shopping! Instead of crushing the center aisles for processed and pre-packaged items, stick to the sections on the outer edges of the store where unprepared or raw ingredients are sold. These contain the produce section, the bakery, the meat counter, and the diary.

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