How To Play and Earn Paytm Cash On Sabse Smart Kaun ?

All About Sabse Smart Kaun? Game Show:

Rules & Regulations very carefully before participating in this Sabse Smart Kaun? – Play Along Game.

  • The Sabse Smart Kaun? – Play Along Game is available only in Hindi and in landscape mode of the Hotstar App.
  • The Game is only available on Android phones with OS 5.0 or higher. The Game may not be compatible with all phones, and incase Users face any issues with the same, they should try with another phone.
  • Existing Hotstar users must upgrade their app from the Play Store to participate in the Play Along Game.
  • New users can access the Game Play by downloading the Hotstar App from the Play Store.
  • The Participant can register through his/her email ID or can log in through his/her Facebook account to access the Game Play.
  • The Game is designed to run simultaneously with the episode of the Show titled ‘Sabse Smart Kaun?’ which is aired on the Channel Star Plus (SD/HD) launched on June 04, 2018, from Monday to Friday from IST 1830 hours to 1930 hours and gives the Participant an opportunity to use his/her skills, logic and knowledge by answering questions within the stipulated time, earning points for correct answers and standing a chance to win the Prize Money.
  • The Participant may win points basis the time taken to answer the pictorial questions. There could be a difference between the time visible on the Game’s User interface and the respective points awarded to the Users. This difference could be due milliseconds taken to answer the respective questions. In all such cases, the time taken as per the server shall be final and binding to calculate the score to be awarded to the respective Participants.  The Company has the right to change the score at the server based on the actual time taken for the user to answer the respective question.
Round Question Number Maximum points Points reduced/second Time to answer the question for each question
Round 1 Question 1 1000 50 20 Seconds
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Round 2 Question 5 3000 150 20 Seconds
Question 6
Question 7
Question 8
Round 3 Question 9 5000 250 20 Seconds
Question 10 10000 500
Jackpot round Question 11 50000 2500 20 Seconds
  • During each episode, the Participant will be required to provide answers for each pictorial question within the Stipulated Time, from the time the question appears on the Participant’s Device. The Participant will have a maximum of 20 seconds to answer a particular question. The points that will be awarded for each question are dependent on the time taken to answer the question such that a Participant will have a decreasing chance of winning the maximum points awarded for that particular question with every passing second.
  1. For episodes 9 and 10: Among the top 1,000 Participants (as per Company’s discretion) post verification and independent validation processes after excluding the Participants who have already won the maximum Prize Money that a Participant is eligible to win during the season.
  2. For all other episodes: Among the Participants on the highest score for that particular episode post verification and independent validation processes after excluding the Participants who have already won the maximum Prize Money that a Participant is eligible to win during the season.
  • A Participant can win a maximum prize money of INR 15 lakhs throughout the season. This would include Prize Money, bonus money, grand prizes (if any) or any gifts (as valued by the Company)
  • The SocialID (email ID/Facebook ID) / Device ID of the device through which the Participant plays or registers shall be the unique identifier for that respective Participant. The scores are not transferable between email IDs/Facebook IDs and devices.
  • All Participants are advised to remain in areas with strong and stable/continuous mobile network signal of the telecom operator or internet service provider to ensure smooth functioning of the Game Play.
  • Fulfilment of the Prize Money will be subject to availability of a Paytm Wallet which is registered with the same number provided by the Participant on the Hotstar App at the end of the game play of an episode, verification of Participant details, collection of documents and payment of applicable taxes, if any.
  • Announcements for winners for the Prize Money are subject to an independent third party validation.
  • Decisions made by the Company shall be final and the Company shall not be responsible for loss of data/points or any other advantage/disadvantage caused to Participants due to technical errors or issues in their device, application, internet connection and/or network coverage.
  • In case if you have any queries, please write to setting out your concerns/issues. We shall endeavor to reply to the same in reasonable time, however, no reply shall not construe to acceptance or the query raised.

points that to be noted while playing game

  • “Daily Leaderboard” will contain details of cumulative points earned during the “Episode”.
  • The season of SabseSmart Kaun? (“SSK”) consisting of approximately 80 episodes which will be aired telecast on the Channel from Monday to Friday from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM starting 04, June 2018.
  • The Hotstar Terms of Use available at shall apply in relation to the Participant’s registration on the Hotstar App.
  • It is mandatory for a Participant to register through an email ID/Facebook ID to access the Game Play.
  • By registering through Facebook, the User allows the Company access the information available in the Participant’s Facebook account. The Participant can change this by changing the privacy settings for his/her Facebook account.
  • The Hotstar User shall have to agree to the Rules and Regulations governing the Game Play prior to proceeding.
  • All Users who participate in the Game Play shall be deemed to have accepted all the Rules and Regulations as defined herein and updated from time to time.The Game Play is available to all Registered Hotstar Users, and is accessible for playing, for the duration of the broadcast of the Episode on Star Plus (SD and HD).

  • The Social ID (email ID/Facebook ID) and / or the Device ID (as the Company may deem fit), through which the Participant plays the Gameshall be the unique identifier for the respective Participant. We urge the Participants to use the same Email or Facebook IDs, and / or Device ID where they would be clearly identified as the Participant of the Game Play.
  • The Game points shall always accrue to the Device ID and / or email ID/Facebook ID that a Participant has used to play the Game Play for a particular episode. If a Participant logs out of device and logs into another device during the episode, the points accrued for the episode may be lost.
  • Points shall not be transferable between any two devices and/or email IDs/Facebook IDs.
  • Only one Participant is permitted to play by registering with a particular set of login credentials/email ID.
  • The Participant must ensure that he/she does not provide his/her login credentials to others, as if these details are used by others to log into the Game Play, it may prevent the Participant from participating in the Game Play.
  • The Company, Channel and the associated vendors will not be responsible in any manner for any instances arising due to multiple people using the same login credentials/email IDs as the Participant.
  • In case of loss of Participant Scores due to data loss or any other technical glitches, the Company and/or the Channel shall not be responsible and no questions / queries or requests in this regard shall be entertained. The Company’s decision on whether the Participant should be credited unclaimed points shall be final and binding on all Users who participate in the Game Play.
  • The Participant will not be able to answer the questions displayed on the Hotstar App while he/she is on a screen other than the Game Play area.
  • Registering on the App does not entitle the Participant to win any prize.
  • The Participant may be notified by any form of in app messaging and/or a pop-up and/or a display, requesting them to become a registered user of the Game, so as to be able to redeem Prizes.
  • The screen for each pictorial question has certain elements which when touched will light up with a yellow border.  Other areas of the screen (which are not defined as elements) may not light up, but if touched, may count as the answer option selected by the Participant.
  • The Participant is required to touch the screen firmly, so that the software and hardware can identify the location of the touch.  Touching the screen softly, or across more than one elements, may result in delay in capture of the answer. The Company shall not be responsible for any discrepancies in the Game Play experience caused due to brevity.
  • Any touch to the screen, even by way of garments, may get recorded as the answer. The Participant(s) should be careful and very precise where the touch is made on the screen.

New Updates:

From Episode 31 onwards (i.e., effective from July 16, 2018), 2 (two) additional questions i.e., “Hotstar Exclusive Question(s)” will be displayed on the Participants’ Device(s) anytime while the Episode is on air including the ad breaks. The points associated with each of the Hotstar Exclusive Questions are as follows:

Question Number Maximum Points Points reduced/second Time to answer each question
Hotstar Exclusive Question 1 50,000 2,500 20 seconds
Hotstar Exclusive Question 2 50,000 2,500

The Participants are required to stay tuned to their Device(s) throughout the Episode including the ad breaks in order to avoid missing any or all of the Hotstar Exclusive Questions. It is clarified, that Company is entitled to increase and/or decrease the number of questions and/or withdraw, modify, alter the Hotstar Exclusive Questions at the Company’s sole discretion, anytime during the Game Play.

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