Reasons Why Indian Household Have Mango Leaves at the Entrance of House

The mango tree and its leaves are symbol of Hinduism and it plays a major role in tradition of Hindus also to believed to be the residence of gods like Lakshmi, Goverdhan and the god of fertility.

The hanging of mango leaves near the entrance of the house is popularly knows a thoranarn. We tie mango leaves not only on festivals and marriages, few also do in normal days.

Why do we Tie Mango Leaves

  • It is believed to be ward off evil spirits or any negative energy entering the house
  • It is consider a blessings to the house
  • Suppose to be a symbol of productiveness and a sign of auspicious
  • The color green also helps you to refresh your mind when you have stressful lifestyle.
  • Scientifically it is said to have antibacterial activity against gram positive bacteria

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