Ramayana In Kanda – The 7 Kandas of Ramayana

Ramayana in Kanda

The story of lord Rama the great Ramayana is also described as the “adi Kavya” with rhyming couplets known as slokas, that add up to the chapters that known as sargas, which describes a particular episode. Many such sargas form part of a stage in Lord Rama’s life, which are known as ‘kandas’. The story of the prince Lord Rama, where most of people are familiar with The Ramayana that it is divided into unique sections known as kandas, or chapters. This kandas are portrayals of the various dramatic stages in the life of the Vishnu avatar (ram)

Chapter 1: Baala Kanda

  • As the name suggests, this chapter is all about the childhood of ayodhya Prince Rama.
  • How King Dasharatha and his 3 wife’s (KausalyaKaikeyiand Sumitra) had 4 sons – Rama and his brothers, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughana.
  • Studying at the gurukul and learning archery, etc… are mentioned under this chapter

Chapter 2: Ayodhya Kanda

  • In the ayodhya kanda they explained all about how Lord Rama grew up to be a prince.
  • Sita’s swayambar and breaking Lord Shiva’s bow.
  • Marriage of the 4 brothers to Sita and her sisters.
  • It also includes Dashratha’s decision to declare Lord Rama as the king and Kaikeyi sending Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshman, to exile.

Chapter 3: Aranya Kanda

  • The Aranya Kanda is literally a description of lord rama, sita and Lakshmana’s vanvaas, or life in the forest, during which, many events happened.
  • It include all events that occurred In these first thirteen years of their exile, how Bharat coming to convince Lord Rama to come back, lord rama meeting Jatayu, killing Demons, Sita’s abduction by Ravana.
  • Rama launching a search for his wife Sita.

Chapter 4: Kishkinda Kanda

  • The Kishkindha Kanda is about life in the Kishkinda forest.
  • Where Rama went to live after Sita’s abduction.
  • It includes how Lord Rama meets the vanara’s, Hanuman and
  • Lord Rama killing sugriva’s brother vali .
  • Sending troops and launches a hunt for his abducted wife.

Chapter 5: Sundara Kanda

  • This Kand primarily includes the struggles of Lord Hanuman to find Sita devi.
  • This kanda is all about how lord Hanuma visit to Lanka, how he killed Ravana’s younger son and setting Lanka on fire and the search party returning to Kishkindha with the information.
  • Sundara Kanda is better loved and quoted by readers of Ramayana, than any other kanda.
  • It also primarily deals with Rama’s journey to Lanka.

Chapter 6: Yuddha Kanda

  • Yuddha Kanda is literally the book of war.
  • It includes how Lord Rama’s struggles to reach Lanka and the entire battle between Rama and Ravana.
  • How the battle fought by Rama and his vanara sena to defeat the Lanka king Ravanaa.
  • Rescuing Sita and coming back to Ayodhya.

Chapter 7: Uttara Kanda

  • Uttara Kanda is about Rama’s life in Ayodhya on his return from Lanka.
  • This includes the crowning of Lord Rama, his life with Sita and his brothers.
  • It also includes rama’s coronation, his rule as the King of Ayodhya.
  • Lord rama banishment of his wife Sita following a charge by a washerman
  • The birth of his twin sons Lava and Kusha in the forest.
  • Culminating in Sita’s death on being asked for doing a second agni pariksha.
  • Rama’s ascent to heaven.

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