A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada quotes – Quotes By Srila Prabhupada

Quotes By Srila Prabhupada:

  1. Rich man’s son, he hasn’t got to do anything, so his brain is devil’s workshop. (London, 22/7/1973)
  2. The business of leader: He must be himself always enthusiastic and inspire others to be always enthusiastic. Then he is real leader. (Letter to Trai Das, 27/12/1972)
  3. Temple means people should come, people should learn the science of god. Not that to make a business of temple. Temple means spiritual educational shelter. People should come and learn what spiritual life is, what is god, what is my relationship with god. (Calcutta, 8/3/1972)
  4. If you get one thousand of rupees, ten rupees is already there. If you get Krishna, then you get all perfection. (Hrishikesh, 15/5/1977)
  5. Suicide is not justified. It is violation of nature’s law. Nature gives you a certain type of body to live in it for certain days, and suicide means you go against the law of nature, you untimely stop the duration of life. Therefore he becomes a criminal. Suicide is criminal even in ordinary state laws. One cannot make suicide. (Auckland, 21/2/1973)
  6. When we are spiritually perfect we develop the spiritual form to live eternally in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there are exactly the same things as we see here; namely the land, water, trees, birds, beasts, human beings, etc.., and all of them are spiritual as all the varieties here are material. (Letter to Gurudas, 16/5/1970)
  7. Krishna is within your heart. If you kindly continue to hear about him, as you are doing, then Krishna will be very much pleased,”oh, this person is now interested in me”. Because nobody’s interested in Krishna, so Krishna is also silent to them. But as soon as you become interested, oh, Krishna becomes very active, “oh, he’s trying to do something. I shall help him”. ( Los Angeles, 19/5/1972)
  8. A spiritual master is not a fashion, that “oh, I should have a spiritual master”. People after fashion. No. One must be very much inquisitive to know what is the highest perfection of life. If one is actually inquisitive to understand about the highest perfection stage of our life, then he should search after a spiritual master. (New Vrindavan, 22/5/1969)
  9. If we make our deity worship program extremely opulent and gorgeous, and if all of the devotees are always attending arati and holding kirtana in front of the deities, that will be the best program for attracting the Indian people to Krishna consciousness Movement. (Letter to Giriraja, 08/6/1972)
  10. If there is lack of obedience then there cannot be discipline, and without discipline we cannot manage a huge world organization. (Los Angeles, 19/6/1972)

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