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You can earn by writing genuine, high quality content or publishing your trip video or photos that is useful for travellers. For each content contribution you get between Rs 100 – 200 or more depending on the content or video. The money is decided based on feedback from our editorial team and our internal quality score algorithm.

  • Originality

The content should not be plagiarised from any other source. This includes everything – text, photographs and videos.

  • Quality of photographs, videos, text

The photographs and videos should ideally be of good resolution and should tell a story about the destination in question. The text should be helpful to fellow travellers while planning a future trip, and should be easily comprehensible by everyone.

  • Structuring of your content

There are several data bites that you will be expected to fill up while sharing your itinerary. These include: Location tags, Start Date, Trip Duration, Trip Cost, and Day tags. If you fill up all of them, it will be extremely helpful to the future readers to plan their trips.

If you do not have the video ready for publishing no problem, you can send the rough video or images our team will work and publish on behalf of you.

  • Number of views for your trip

If you help more travellers through your content you earn more money.

 Do you have a article or content other than travel that is useful for our readers, No problem you can check Guest Post section.

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