List Of Indian Food Items and Its Calories

Food Items and their calories

Food items QuantityCalories
Boiled Carrot50 grams10
Porridge1 cup150
Jam1 tsp30
Sugar1 tsp30
Fried Nuts1 cup300
Puddings1 cup200
Ice-cream1 cup200
Milk-Shake1 glass200
Wafers1 pkt120
Bhel Puri/Pani Puri1 helping150
Kebab1 plate150
Indian sweets/mithai1 pc150
Cooked Rice/Plain1 cup
Egg boiled180
Egg Poached180
Egg Fried1110
Egg Omelet1120
Subji1 cup150
Dosa Plain1120
Dosa Masala1250
Sambhar1 cup150
Cooked Rice/Plain1 cup120
Cooked Rice/Fried1 cup150
Daal tadkaone bowl120
Dal1 cup150
Curry/Vegetable1 cup150
Curry/Meat1 cup175
Salad1 cup100
Pickle1 tsp30
Breakfast cereal with milk sweetened1 cup130
Porridge & Milk1 cup120
Porridge & Milk sweetened1 cup150
Sausage, bacon,ham etc. fried1 helping120
Potato mash1 cup100
Potato fried1 cup200
Sandwich large1250
Hamburger1 pc250
Steak & Salad1 plate300
Oats idli2 idlis52
Ragi dosa (with less oil)one85
Spaghetti & meat, sauce etc1 plate450
Tomatoes, cooked1 cup70
Tomatoes, raw1 large40
Baked dish1 helping400
Fried Chicken1 helping200
Chinese noodles1 plate450
Chicken tikka6 tikka270
Chinese Fried Rice1 plate450
Pizza1 plate400
tandoori chicken breast100 grams260
Soup/Clear1 cup75
Soup/Heavy1 cup75
Tomato sauce/puree1 cup100
Tomato soup, made with water1 cup85
Tomato vegetable juice1 cup45
Tandoori chickenone piece275
Mix vegetable curriesone small bowl100
Fish curriessmall bowl325
Sprout salad100 grams95
Palak paneer11 ounce350
Butter chickenper serving490
Vegetable Korma12 ounce (336 grams)330
Meat samosaeach320
Vegetable samosaeach260
Onion bhajieach190
Lime pickle1 tablespoon70
Mango chutney1 tablespoon60
Cucumber raita1 tablespoon20
Pav bhajiper plate600
Paneer bhurjisingle medium-sized bowl412
Chole bhatureper serving450
Onion bhaji2 to 3 pieces based on size190
Chicken Tikkala Masalasmall bowlAbout 438 to 557

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