How you can include these 5 foods to improve your oral health

Regular brushing and flossing of our dental whites help in the maintenance of our oral health. It removes the excess sugar content, and the food remains, which in turn unites with the bacteria inside the mouth and results in plaque formation. The plaque in the mouth produces certain substances that erode the tooth enamel while forming the dental cavity. Too much negligence results in severe gum diseases. Although with the introduction of sedation dentistry, many complicated dental procedures could be followed with ease, we all know prevention is better than cure. That is the reason why dentists suggest their patients follow proper dental hygiene routine.

In recent times, many dental doctors think that consumption of healthy food lowers the risk of heart-related ailments and also certain dental diseases. The oral health improves and keeps the recurring dental issues at bay. Read below the rundown of five foods that improve oral hygiene. Most of the dental doctors and dental organizations, world-wide recommend these food types.


Swiss Cheese, Swiss, Cheese, Food, Yellow, Dairy, Snack

Our mouth has certain acidity levels, which fluctuate from medium to high. When the acidity level increases, it harms our tooth enamel. It results in the weakening of our tooth enamel and makes way for the plaque to damage the teeth. Consuming cheese helps in maintaining the acidity level of our mouth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, daily consumption of some amount of cheese lowers the risk of dental decay, and the pH balance of the mouth gets maintained evenly. While chewing cheese, the amount of saliva formed inside the mouth aids in keeping the gums clean too. Thus, you can have a moderate amount of cheese daily to maintain oral health. 


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Yogurt is always rich in calcium, and it helps in improving our dental strength also. The probiotics present are beneficial to the health of our gums. The probiotics or the good bacteria flush away the harmful bacteria, which results in cavity formation in our mouth. But be conscious of only consuming the naturally flavored yogurt. The preservative ones are not good for our oral health. Irrespective of any age, we tend to rinse our mouth with plain water. After consuming yogurt, the acidity level remains intact, which is beneficial for our oral health. So, keep having loads of yogurt for keeping your pearly whites bright and healthy.


Wasabinuesse, Nuts, Wasabi, Cores, Snack, Knabberzeug

According to various research organizations in Japan, Wasabi aids in stopping bacterial growth, especially between our pearly whites and gums. Wasabi or Japanese horseradish, consist of the bacteria eliminating properties. Now, you can snack Wasabis, even more, to keep your oral conditions healthy.


Apple, Red, Hand, Apple Orchard, Delicious, Fruit

It is a known proverb that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But are you aware that it can also follow the dental doctor away? Apple acts as a dental cleansing agent. It helps in increasing the amount of saliva inside the mouth, which in turn acts as a natural cleaner. It rinses away the excess bacteria produced from the food remains stuck between our teeth and gums. Apple’s fibrous texture and its crunchiness act as a gum stimulator. Consume an apple, religiously after every meal, to see a dramatic improvement in your oral health.

Raw Onion

Not many of us enjoy having raw onion in our diet. But natural and fresh onions have its goodness, which we are not fully aware of. The powerful antibacterial properties present in the raw onion slices benefits in wiping out various bacterial strains. These bacterial strains lead to gum diseases and bad breath. Various research organizations, all over the world, have experimented with the raw onion slices and successfully concluded that it wipes out the bacterial properties severely affecting the gums. So, have a couple of raw onion slices along with your sandwich or other food items, and keep the gum disease at bay. But do remember to chew a piece of sugar-free gum after eating the raw onion slices. It will help in keeping your mouth smelling fresh.

Start snacking!

A rigorous cleaning routine is not always required to keep your dental health up to the mark. In some instances, a slight change in diet and other eating habits also has a drastic impact on our dental health. Most of the food which we consume has a high percentage of sugar in them. And it causes a lot of dental damage if neglected for long. Regardless of having a complete set of glowing whites, there are varieties of food that you can consume to improve your oral health and put a stop over recurring tooth decay. So, start snacking on some, as mentioned above, to improve your oral health.

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