What happens after death? Lord Yama Temple in Himachal

Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu made Lord Yama, the supreme power to rule the departed souls. Every soul after death has to face Lord Yama’s trial, he decides whether to send heaven (swarg) or hell (Narak).

Lord yama temple known as Dharmeshwar Mahadev Temple. nearby people call this temple as dhai-podi which means two and a half steps.

This temple is located in chamba region of bharmour in Himachal Pradesh, 500 kilometers from delhi.

No One Can Enter into Temple:

Locals believe that who enter into the arch of Lord Yama temple, will get their souls trapped inside temple, many people died after few days

What happens after death:

After death the soul is brought by Yamdoots to this temple to face Yama’s trial.

Yamdoots (they look horrible) come to take away the soul and journey to seek justice from Lord Yama starts.

Chitragupta serves as the assistant to Lord Yama, who manages all the records of Virtue and Sin committed by soul during his lifetime.

Dharmraj’s Court:

After the narration the soul is brought to a room known as Yamaraj’s court room. Here on the basis of Virtues and Sins the soul is sent to swarg (heaven) or Narak (hell), from the four invisible doors in the temple made up of Gold, Iron, Copper and Silver respectively.

  1. Heaven (Swarg) – Here souls enjoy the celestial pleasures offered by Lord Indra.
  2. Hell (Narak): To get the punishments of bad Karma and
  3. Kailash :If the soul has always done good for others and no sin and was also engaged in worshiping God during his life time is sent to Shiv Lok Lord Shiva’s Adobe.
  4. Vaikunth: Another place where souls can go on achieving Mokshais the adobe of Lord Vishnu.


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