Flipkart’s Superphone Challenge, Offering Full Cashback on Smartphone

Flipkart has launched its Superphone Challenge for its customers. In this challenge, flipkart contests that there are no smartphones better than the 12 pre-listed ones in the Superphone challenge. If a you are able to find a smartphone with at least four pre-mentioned features that are better than the ones listed by Flipkart, then flipkart promises to pay the full price of the challenger smartphone.

Superphone Challenge Offer


This Superphone challenge has twelve smartphones listed here–   Flipkart claims that these smartphones have unmatched specifications and prices, and because of that, it has launched a challenge for its customers to find a smartphone that tops the specifications and price offering by these smartphone brands. If at least four out of the six features mentioned are better than the Superphones within the same price range , then Flipkart promises to pay the full price of the challenged smartphone. The mentioned features include – RAM, inbuilt storage, camera, battery, fingerprint sensor, and screen etc.

The challenge will live from July 24 to August 4 and to be eligible for the challenge, a user must have an active registered account with Flipkart with the email ID existing since at least six months.  Check the FAQs for more info

If you fulfil all eligibility criteria, then the you  can send the claim, proof of ID (valid government ID card – Aadhaar, Passport, Driving Licence), comparison entry, and proof of purchase (bill in your name, invoice in your name) of the challenger smartphone within the challenge period to Flipkart at superphonechallenge@flipkart.com through their registered Email ID.

The winners will be contacted by Flipkart within 30 days of the challenge period, and will receive an e-gift voucher equivalent to the price of the smartphone. This can be redeemed on any purchase from Flipkart.

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