Drinking Healthy: But How to do it?

First date cocktails and after-work parties are trendy these days, and people easily forget that alcohol is not a healthy drink. It is not just a social lubricant, but a drug that many people use across the world. In fact, more than 51% of 18 years are regular drinkers, imbibing at least twelve drinks in a year. 

While some individuals have no problem drinking a few, most do not know how they can stay healthy and safe. Redefining your fun moments start with healthy drinking. This way, enjoying your great beer will not result in gut issues, and night drinking will not cost your next day.

You can avoid health issues that come with drinking by putting in practice the tips below:

1. Drink a lot of water

Alcohol has dehydrating effects on one’s body, and this can cause various health problems if you drink regularly. Typically, you will urinate more frequently, and this makes you lose more fluid than you are taking in.

Also, alcohol flushes crucial electrolytes out of a person’s system if you do not take enough water. Therefore, drink a glass of water after each glass of alcohol. The 1:1 ratio principle may significantly boost next-day productivity. As well, ensure to also drink water before and after imbibing for improved hydration and help prevent the nasty dehydration outcomes.

2. Fuel up with food

Alcohol usually enters the bloodstream through small intestines and stomach. Imbibing on an empty stomach may infuriate your digestive system, and this can lead to faster absorption of alcohol. Thus, it is prudent to order a meal before consuming alcohol as it prevents you from eating more calories. Ordering appetizer is also a wise decision because it has protein and fiber to prevent you from consuming fried foods. 

Healthy food, as well, gives the body ample time it requires to process alcohol and helps prevent headaches, upset stomach, and nausea. Your serving should have enough dairy or starch to help coat the lining of your stomach and prepare the body for alcohol.

You can eat healthy snacks while drinking to make sure that your body absorbs the liquor correctly. Make sure to eat well also the next day. A healthy breakfast, such as having fresh juice and eggs, is the best way to deal with a hungover. Such a breakfast replenishes the lost minerals and vitamins to restore a healthy digestive cycle.

3. Do not consume sugary mixers

Even though making your juice from scratch is a better choice than taking bottled juice, you should not add sugar. Mixing your booze with sugary beverages will overburden your liver, and such drinks also have a lot of calories. Instead of sugary beverages mix your booze with water or lime juice since this will significantly help your liver process everything faster. 

4. Drink in moderation

There is a recommended guideline when it comes to how much a person should consume in a day. Women should consume a maximum of one standard drink in a day while men should take up to two standard drinks in a day. These limits might be too high if you have a particular medical condition or if you are old. Fortunately, your doctor may help you determine the right amount.

Set your drinking goal below the recommended guideline. To achieve this, ensure that you:

  • Avoid drinking rounds, particularly with heavy-drinking buddies.
  • First, finish your drink before you drink another and avoid refilling your glass.
  • Choose to drink at home instead of sports bars to stick to your alcohol limit.
  • Avoid drinking shots and games.

5. Watch out for peer pressure

Your friends may be a cause to you drinking more than your limit, especially if they are heavy drinkers. Make sure to practice to say no to them but politely. You must not accept each drink your friend offers or drink because your peers are doing so. Stay away from friends who push you to drink. This ensures that you don’t exceed your limit to prevent adverse effects of alcohol, such as weight gain, cancer, sleep disruption, and heart issues. Therefore, lead a healthy life.

6. Choose your drink wisely

Various alcoholic drinks are available on the market, including Courvoisier cognac. Some alcoholic beverages like organic vodka or red wine are better than others as they will not affect your health and may help fight stress. Therefore, choose a drink that comes with more health benefits than adverse effects


Drinking might be fun, but too much booze may lead to accidents, embarrassment, injury, and health issues. To prevent these issues, make sure to practice the above safety tips as you enjoy your drink.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not consume alcohol because of the safety of the kid. Consult your doctor before drinking alcohol if you have a medical condition such as heart issues, liver/pancreatic disease, hemorrhagic stroke, mental illness, and alcohol abuse. A study shows that excess alcohol can damage the central nervous system.

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