Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Real Life Stories

Pilgrimage to srisailam:

Shivaji came to bhaga nagar(Hyderabad) area from there. Shah-in-shah kuthubshah of Golkonda gave a warm and respectful welcome to shivaji, the king of Raigadh in a befitting manner. From there shivaji made a pilgrimage to srisailam and reached there on March 10, 1677. Shivaji planned to get bathing ghats built on the banks of river Krishna at srisailam.

Severe punishment for outraging the modesty of a women:

By nature shivaji was kind. But he was harsh at people with lack of character. A person by name Babaji Bhikaji Gujar Patil punished him so severely that none else thereafter could dare behave thus. Shivaji got his hands and feet cut off. All came to know that Shivaji is a man of character above everything.

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