Cheap Countries to Visit From India Without Visa

The opportunity to discover new cultures and environments is definitely one of the best experiences of the human being and none should be missed, travelers from all over the world select among its favorites the best destinations in which to spend vacations alone or with their loved ones as long as this destination is in accordance with your pocket of course.

Although the economy in India is not at its peak, people will never stop wanting to have a good time in their vacation time, for this reason, this search for the best destination at the best price is becoming more daily in networks and Indian agencies travel. Another of the headaches of future travellers is having the necessary documentation to be able to enter their destination country, these processes are generally cumbersome and take some time such as for example visas. In this case, I come to bring what I think are the 6 cheap countries to visit from India without a visa.

10 cheap foreign trips from India

  • Indonesia

The island of Bali is located in Indonesia (Asia) for me it is the best place if you want to go to this country. Because most of the tourist attractions are beaches and sanctuaries of free access and this makes it one of the cheapest destinations, the rental of motorcycles is the most common and accessible to be able to move throughout the region, the temples and the view of the Sunsets are magnificence.

  • Turkey

When your desire is to travel backpacking, Turkey is an excellent choice, the diversity of cultures and religions resembles that of India. In Turkey there is a lovely mix between Eastern and Western cultures, the food is exquisite and you can take unforgettable walks through the large number of museums, ancient ruins or enjoy the lively city of Istanbul.

  • Peru

If you want to know Latin America, I recommend you go to Peru; the quality of its landscapes is something exceptional that you would not forget, like the ruins, the famous Machu Pichu and its sandy beaches are truly beautiful and all this emphasizing that they are really cheap prices.

  • Malaysia

This Asian country is characterized by its gastronomic diversity. In the city of Penang, you will find delicious surprisingly inexpensive dishes with Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and Malaysian characteristics. Without forgetting about the Buddhist temples scattered around the city and fascinate with its beautiful colonial architecture.

  • Bolivia

Returning to Latin America is the country Bolivia, It is a very cheap country, with very nice inhabitants and natural landscapes that will make you fall in love. Do not return home without touring the impressive salt desert of Uyuni.

  • Tunisia

This beautiful country is located in Africa, and it is really beautiful and economical. Although this is an Arab country in principle, Tunisia has a fairly open and moderate society and among its attractions are its deserts, their historical heritage and exuberant beaches.

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