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Charminar “The Four Minarets”, it is constructed in 1591 by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in the honor of his wife Bhagmati. Charminar is a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Telangana state, India. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad city, listed among the most recognized structures of our country. The fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, built this Charminar in 1591 after shifting his capital from Golkonda to the newly formed city of Hyderabad.

Charminar was built at the center of the Hyderabad city, to commemorate the eradication of Cholera”, a deadly disease which was widely spreaded at that time. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah had prayed for the end of the plague that was destroying the whole city so the king vowed to build a Mosque at the very place where he prayed.

Qutb Shah was also among the early poets of Dakhani Urdu. While building the foundation of Charminar, Qutb Shah did the prayers in Dakhini couplets, which are recorded as follows:

Dakhini Urdu
میرا شہر لوگوں سے مامور کر
راكهيو جوتو دريا میں مچھلی جيسے

Translation into English
Fill this city of mine with people as,
You filled the river with fishes O Lord.

The Charminar masjid is built in a square structure with each side 20 meters long (it is approximately 66 feet), and with four grand arches each facing a fundamental point that open into four streets. At each corner stands an exquisitely shaped minaret, 56 meters high (it is approximately 184 feet), with a double balcony. Each minaret is crowned by a bulbous dome with dainty petal-like designs at the every base. There are 149 curled steps to reach the upper floor of Charminar. The Charminar masjid is also known for its profusion of stucco decorations and the arrangement of its balustrades and balconies.

The Charminar structure is made of granite, limestone, mortar & pulverized marble and it weighs approximately 14000 tones. There is also some underground tunnel that connects the Golconda fort to Charminar, possibly intended as an escape route for the Qutb Shahi rulers in case of an emergency.

Charminar is one of the best Place To Visit In Hyderabad

Charminar Timings:

Monday to Sunday : 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Charminar Entry Fee:

  • Entry Fee: Rs.5/- per Person for Indians
  • Entry Fee: Rs.100/- per Person for Foreign Nationals

Places around the Charminar :

  1. Makkah Masjid
  2. Bazaars
  3. Char Kaman and Gulzar Houz

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