Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 7 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 7 of Bigg Boss season 2

Wild-Card Entry :

Pooja Ramachandran entered the Bigg Boss house as a Wild Card Contestant on Day 43.

House Captain:


Captaincy Task:

Contenders:- Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi Nallamotu, Amit Tiwar & Samrat.
Geetha Madhuri Won the Task and became as House Captain for 8th Week. This is 2nd time for Geetha Madhuri to be as a Captain in bigg boss house.

Luxury Budget Task:

Nadusthu Nadusthu Nadusthuneundu:
In this task the housemates have to divide into 3 groups. Each group has 3 members. One should swim to bring body spray bottle in the pool another one should walk from pool to standing person and one should stand at the table. The swimming member in a team have to bring only one fog body spray bottle at a time and they should give it to their walking team member and the walking member will give it to their standing team member and that person will place the bottle on the table.

Team one:- Kaushal, Deepti Nallamothu and Nandhini.
Team Two:- Samrat Reddy, Tanish Alladi, Deepthi Sunaina.
Team Three:- Pooja Ramachandran, Amit Tiwari, Roll Rida.
Swimmers:- Kaushal, Samrat Reddy, and Pooja Ramachandran.
Walkers:- Deepti Nallamothu, Tanish Alladi, and Amit Tiwari.

At last The Team one won this task and they awarded with luxury items available under the cap of the body spray bottle collected by them.

In Jail:



Amit Tiwari
Deepthi Sunaina
Babu Gogineni


Housemates are nominated but no eviction in week 7 because of voting poll for re-entry one of the evicted house is open.

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