Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 4 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 4 of Bigg Boss house season 2

House Captain:

Roll Rida

Captaincy Task:


Luxury Budget Task:


In this task Bigg Boss house became hostel. In this hostel there are 2 teams. Lovers team & hostel staff team. Wardens & security guards have to prevent lovers secret meets and gift exchange while. If boy met a girl and exchange their gifts hostel staff looses their points.
→Hostel wardens are Babu Gogineni & Geetha Madhuri, Security guards are Bhanu sree & Ganesh.
→Love pairs Samrat & Tejeswi, Amit & Syamala , Kaushal & Deepti Nallamothu, Roll Rida & Deepthi Sunaina, Tanish & Nandhini Rai.

Lovers team won the task. They lost luxury budget points because of sleeping while task going on and taking breaks for lunch, rest.

In Jail:

Geetha Madhuri

Bigg Boss ordered Roll Rida to lock Geetha Madhuri in jail because she was talking about nominations with other housemates & given punishment as she has to write Sorry Bigg Boss 100 times on wall by wearing boxing gloves.


Babu Gogineni
Tejaswi Madivada
Geetha Madhuri
Deepti Nallamothu
Nandhini Rai


Syamala evicted on Day 28

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