Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 2 Updates


Here’s What Happened in Week 2 of Bigg Boss house season 2


Nandini Rai entered Bigg Boss house as wild card contestant on Day 8.

Captaincy Task:

Oopiri Unnantha Varaku
Contenders are Tanish, Kaushal, and Amit. The task is for the three contestants to hold on to a rope on a T stand arranged in Garden area. While the other housemates do everything and anything they can to get them to leave the hold of the rope and get off the podium. From tickling, shaving beards, dumping toothpaste to using lemon—housemates try everything. None of them are ready to give up. Housemates decided Amit as right person and convinced kaushal & Tanish to leave the rope.

Amit Tiwari won week 3 Captaincy.

House Captain:

Samrat Reddy

In Jail:

Nutan Naidu for (20 Hours)
Deepti Nallamothu for (20 Hours)

Luxury Budget Task:

Evadura Rajyani Gelichedhi

In this luxury budget task Nutan naidu becomes the king, Deepti Nallamothu becomes the queen and Nandini is announced as the princess. They are assisted by Geeta and they will choose a team that would work for the princess. The other housemates become villagers and are asked to stay in huts set up in garden area of the house.

Round One

Then two contestants come up to the activity room to compete in a task to join King’s Team.
→ Winners of Mud Pit tasks given by BIGG BOSS are joined King’s Team and remaining housemates became villers who work for the princess.
→ King’s Team members are Amit, Samrat, Babu Gogineni, Ganesh, Bhanu, and Kireeti.
→ Princess Team members are Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi, Roll Rida, Syamala, Tanish, and Kaushal.

Round Two
BIGG BOSS placed one diamond in the living area which gives housmates more points to win Round two.
→ Losser team head will be locked in jail by winner team head. Raju Gari Malla is task which hosted by Geetha. In this task two teams have to get as many as flowers from the pool in garden area to make a garland.Princess Team won the task with 96 flowers. Evadura Gelichedhi is task which hosted by Geetha. Nandhini (Princess) sits on a chair and two teams have to pull the chair to win. King’s Team won by pulling the chair to their side. BIGG BOSS announce Princess Team as a winner of round two and order Nandhini(Princess) to lock Nutan Naidu(King), and Deepti Nallamothu(Queen) in jail.

Round Three
→ Princess Team have to protect the Jail Key for 8 hours which was placed in Gym area to win the luxury budget task. King’s team have to stole the key and rescue Nutan Naidu(King) and Deepti Nallamothu(Queen) to win the luxury budget task.


Deepthi Sunaina
Nutan Naidu
Babu Gogineni


Nutan Naidu Evicted on Day 14

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