Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 15 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 15 of Bigg Boss House Season 2:

House Captain:

No captain for this week

Captaincy task :


Special Task:

This is a race to finale task, in this task housemates got another opportunity to get immunity from eviction & to become a first two finalist for the housemates. This task consist’s of 2 level’s where the level 1 winners will be allowed to play level 2.

Level 1 (Mee Esuka Jaagratha) :-
In this task 3 sand containers where arranged in the garden area. Roll Rida, Geetha Madhuri & Kaushal have to protect their sand container, while Deepti Nallamothu, Tanish & Samrat have to empty or destroy their sand containers after the first buzzer rings. At the end buzzer the contestant with more quantity of sand will have the ability to enter level 2. The housemates roles will get reversed subsequently to decide the 2nd qualifier for the level 2.
At last Roll Rida and Samrat where qualified for level 2.

Level 2 (Kodi Gudllu Jaagratha) :- 
In this task bigg boss arranged 2 egg bowls one for Samrat and another for Roll Rida. Samrat & Roll Rida have to protect their egg bowls to win the level 2 task. Remaining housemates can try to destroy their eggs. The Contenders can hide anywhere in house except washrooms.
Samrat won the task and gained immunity from week’s eviction and became a first finalist of the season.

Luxury Budget Task:


In Jail:



Geetha Madhuri
Roll Rida
Deepti Nallamothu


Roll Rida

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