Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 14 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 14 of Bigg Boss House Season 2:

House Captain:

No captain for this week

Captaincy task :


Contender for this task are Deepti Nallamothu, Samrat, Amit, Roll Rida, Geetha Madhuri, and Tanish. Kaushal was a chancellor for this task (since kaushal is nominated for full season he is not eligible for captaincy task).
Bigg boss arranged 6 glasses in the garden area with coloured water in each of it. Each housemate have to pick one glass and must not put the glass back again until biggboss gives 5 buzzers. Upon each buzzer, one glass should be emptied. The housemates can either negotiate or use any other method to convince the other housemate to put their glass down. The housemates can hide any where in the house except the washrooms area.
At final Bigg Boss announced that none of the housemate followed the given rules by bigg boss and making their own rules to play the task  and there is no housemate with full or more than half the glass with coloured water, so the bigg boss announced that there is no captain for week 15.

Special Task:

Oppo F9 Pro Fully Charged
In this Special Task all housemates are divided into 2 separate teams.
Team 1: Twilight Blue (Kaushal, Tanish, Roll Rida & Samrat)
Team 2: Sun Rise Red (Geetha madhuri, Deepti & Amit)
There are 2 mobile on stands & 2 sets of boxes where each set of box consist of 100 boxes in the garden area, both the teams have to find the charger for that phone from those boxes after the first buzzer sound and they can stop the other teams members effort in searching the charger and they have to charge only for 5 minutes in the gym area.  After that Bigg Boss sounds a start buzzer to take selfies by using their mobile phone, while others can spoil their selfies.
Twilight Blue Team won the task with clear selfies and got a phone call from the public.

Luxury Budget Task:

Bigg Boss Remote Control

This Luxury Budget Task is an individual task. In this task all housemates have to follow the orders passed by the BIGG BOSS.
List of orders given by the Bigg Boss are:

  1. Rewind – Housemate(s) have to rewind immediately.
  2. Slow Motion – Housemate(s) have to do their works in slow motion.
  3. Freeze – Housemate(s) have to freeze immediately.
  4. Release – Housemate(s) are released from all orders temporary.
  5. Fast Forward – Housemate(s) have to do their work in fast motion.
  6. Dance – Bigg boss plays the theme music of biggboss at that time all the housemate’s have to dance to that Bigg Boss theme music in the garden area.

In this luxury budget task Housemates won 800 luxury budget points.

In Jail:

In captaincy task Deepti Nallamothu damaged the house property so Bigg Boss sent Deepti to jail for breaking house property.


Amit Tiwari
Geetha Madhuri
Roll Rida
Deepti Nallamothu


Amit Tiwari evicted on week 14.

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