Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 12 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 12 of Bigg Boss House Season 2

House Captain:

Deepti Nallamothu

Captaincy Task:

Aalasipothe Anthame

Contenders for this task are Nutan Naidu, Tanish & Roll Rida.
In this captaincy task there are three cycles placed in the garden area of bigg boss house. Until the end buzzer comes all the three Contenders has to do cycling.
Remaining housemates has to support one and try to stop remaining contenders cycling without touching their cycle.Tanish gave up after 8 hours of cycling. After the end buzzer, Bigg Boss announced that there are 2 contenders still on cycling therefore there is no winner and no captain for the week 13.

Luxury Budget Task:

Murder Mystery

In this task one of the housemate asked to pick one box in the confession room secretly. The box consists of pearls like white pearl, Red pearl & black pearl. The housemate who got white pearl will become a public team people, Red pearl will become killer & the black pearl persons will become police & a detective man.
Killer: Geetha Madhuri has to do some tasks given by the bigg boss to kill a public member to win the task & to gain immunity for week 13.
Public Team: Kaushal, Amit Tiwari, Nutan Naidu, Samrat, Syamala, Deepti Nallamothu and Tanish. Public team have to protect their lives from the killer to win the task. If any housemate murdered by killer he/she should enter the graveyard arranged in the garden area.
Police & Detective: Roll Rida is the police & ganesh is the detective. These two have to find the killer to win this luxury budget task.
Here the twist is all the Housemates don’t know who is the killer & who are public members and every one know who is the police & detective.

Geetha Madhuri should complete all these 5 tasks given by bigg boss to kill Public team members and to win immunity and a special power .
Task 1: geetha have to irritate one housemate and made him anger. Geetha Madhuri successfully made kaushal anger and killed him.
Task 2: In second task geeta have to feed food to 1 housemate. she successfully made syamala to eat bread by her hands and killed her.
Task 3: In the third task geeta have to right 1 housemate name on mirror in the bathroom area. She successfully wrote amit tiwari name on the mirror & killed him.
Task 4: In the fourth task geeta have to dance with 1 housemate. She danced with samrat and killed him.
Task 5: In the fifth task geeta have to spoil 1 housemate bed by using any food item. She successfully spoiled deepti nallamothu’s bed and killed her.
Geeta madhuri done all these tasks secretly & won the immunity for week 13 & also won a special power to nominate 1 housemate though out the season. (she selected kaushal for nominating though out the season.)

In Jail:



nutan Naidu


Nutan Naidu and Ganesh

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