Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 1 Updates

Here’s What Happened in Week 1 of Bigg Boss season 2


Amit Tiwari, Babu Gogineni, Bhanu Sree, Deepthi Sunaina, Deepti Nallamothu, Ganesh, Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Kireeti Damaraju, Nutan Naidu, Roll Rida, Syamala, Samrat Reddy, Sanjana Anne, Tanish Alladi & Tejaswi Madivada entered the Bigg Boss house on Day 0.

Luxury Budget Task:

Cheppandi Prabhu:
All the 16 contestants are divided into 2 teams Sanjana was the head of the first group & members of the other team were given a task to play as servants to her team. The ratings of the first team will play a pivotal role in the captaincy task. Housemates won 3200 points but housemates lost 600 points for not using whistle in the task, -200 points for sleeping on day time, & -200 points due to tejaswi failed her secret task given by the Bigg Boss. After all deductions points, housemates won 2200 points to buy Luxury Items.

Captaincy Task:

Contenders for the Captaincy Task are Samrat Reddy, Bhanu Sree, Ganesh, Sanjana Anne.
In this task, contenders have used some items from the stall provided in the garden area and have to advertise in a creative manner by using items from the stall. 100 tokens are given to remaining housemates to elect their captain by their performance.
Total tokens won by contenders : Ganesh 175, Sanjana Anne 130, Bhanu Sree 380, & Samrat Reddy won week 2 captaincy with 395 tokens.

House Captain:


In Jail:

Sanjana Anne (For 2 Days)
Nutan Naidu (For 15 Hours)


Deepthi Sunaina
Kireeti Damaraju
Nutan Naidu
Sanjana Anne


Sanjana Anne evicted on Day 7

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