5 Best WordPress Hosting Provider Companies Reviews 2017

You have landed here because you are looking to start a new blog or website and new to hosting technology. If you follows under above category then you have landed to the right place.

I was not aware of anything about hosting providers, when i started the blog, The only thing I looked was to get the cheap prices and positive reviews.

There are multiple reasons for choosing the good and right hosting plan for your website.

How To Decide Which Is A Best Hosting Provider For You


Common questions to ask yourself before you decide

  1. Channels of customer support – Email, Phone, Chat
  2. User-Friendly Control Panel
  3. What is hosting (types)? What kind of hosting should be bought
  4. A list of few popular websites based on that hosting
  5. Server speed and add-on features
  6. Free SSL certificate
  7. zero downtime hosting

Okay let’s not go in depth, as you are new to hosting and blogging you are here, you would not have landed here if you are an expert, so let’s get started and I have used these five hosting companies and I am sharing here my experience.

Here I am talking about only Shared Hosting

shared hosting is best for guys like us who are not a technical person and looking for a cheap & best solution

Most of the people use shared hosting because of its cheap cost.

You will see options of choosing Web Hosting, Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting services start from $1 per month and goes up to $5 per month. The companies are able to provide hosting at a cheap rate because a single server is being shared by more than 100 websites.

Find A Best WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

I will cover only the shared hosting for bloggers, freelancers and website owners.

  1. Bluehost Review For Hosting Website

This is in my first place because of its cheap price and downtime is very less. You can buy Bluehost always with the minimum discount of 30%, they also offer up to 50% on few promotions.

  • Service Quality – Average
  • The email support takes minimum 24 hours and phone support is paid.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people
  • Server speed – Average to Good
  • SSL certificate – Free
  • Website migration – You have to pay for migration

Why You Should Go With Bluehost

Buy Bluehost because you will get a minimum discount coupon to avail the discounted price.

Buy hosting from Bluehost

  1. Hostgator Hosting For WordPress


Hostgator was my first hosting company, I chose this company because of its chat support and customer service and also I was in my budget too.

  • Service Quality – Average to Good
  • Channels of customer support – Email, Chat, Phone
  • Hostgator has a great tutorial for hosting and it can be really helpful for a novice blogger also they will do many things for you.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – Not very friendly
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people – Some technical knowledge is required
  • Server speed – Average
  • Add-on features – $100 Ad credit from Google and Bing
  • SSL certificate – You have to purchase
  • Website migration – You have to pay for migration


Who Should Buy Hostgator

Hostgator is the favourite hosting company for bloggers because they offer the best service, the reason I switched this company is of occasional downtime or slow speed. It is good if you are running a simple blog with less traffic.

Buy Hostgator Hosting


  1. Siteground Web Hosting Review


I really love the support from siteground, they offered me everything that I required but I it was little costly hence I had to move to other company.

  • Service Quality – Best (till date)
  • Channels of customer support – Chat, Phone, Support Tickets
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – Yes
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people – A little bit of tech knowledge is required.
  • Server speed – Good to Great
  • Add-on features – Free SSL, Free Migration (No Bullshit)
  • SSL certificate – Free
  • Website migration – Free
  • Best uptime in the industry.
  • Super cache ( that makes your site speed faster than other competing hosting providers)
  • Genuinely awesome customer support.
  • Auto managed WordPress hosting is available with free don security tools.
  • Free transfer for the existing website to Siteground


Which Plan to Buy?

Case 1: Startup plan if your traffic is less than 10,000 and you have only one website

Case 2: GrowBig is best value plan for multiple websites. It can easily handle 50,000 traffic for well-optimised websites however they mentioned only 25,000.

Case 3: GoGeek when you have more than 50,000 traffic on your websites.

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  1. Dreamhost Web Hosting Review


Dreamhost is one of the oldest companies, which provides reliable hosting solutions. Most of the Indian bloggers don’t buy DreamHost because of its high price.

I would have ranked it on 2 if the prices were under Rs.5000 per year. Dreamhost offers 97 days money back guarantee that no other hosting service provides.

  • Service Quality – Better to Best
  • Channels of customer support – Email, Chat, Phone
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – Not at all
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people – It’s for experienced people
  • Server speed – Good to Great
  • Add-on features – Free Privacy Protection, Free Domain, Free SSL
  • SSL certificate – Free of Cost but you have to purchase dedicated IP ($5.95 per month)
  • Website migration – You have to pay for migration


Who Should Go With Dreamhost

It’s a developer friendly hosting solution. If you are building web apps that need high-performance servers in low cost then DreamHost is for you. If you can spend money for the improvement of the quality of your blog/website you should buy hosting from Dreamhost.

Buy Dreamhost hosting

  1. Bigrock Hosting Review


  • Service Quality – A little better than Godaddy
  • Channels of customer support – Phone, Chat, Support Ticket Through Portal
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – Complex for beginners
  • Easy solution for non-tech business people – No, you must be familiar with technical terms
  • Server speed – Very slow speed
  • Add-on features – No free add-on or perks
  • SSL certificate – You have to purchase an additional price
  • Website migration – You have to do manually if you already have the website hosted somewhere else
  • Price – Rs. 1800 per year ($27)


Who Should Buy Hosting From Bigrock

Customers are still not willing to invest 5000 per year on a decent hosting but expect a little better customer service.

  • Your problems will be heard if you raise a ticket or contact them by chat. No need to call them and explain the problem over the phone.
  • If you have a small audience on your blog and there is no effect on your reputation in case your site gets down for few hours.


Buy Bigrock hosting

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