Basinikonda Temple Madanapalle

Basinikonda temple is located on top of the Basinikonda, a must Lord Venkateshwara temple in Madanapalle.

Best Time To Visit Basinikonda Temple


You can visit anytime during the year but I would suggest you, visit in the morning before 9 AM on Saturdays.

How To Reach Basinikonda


It is situated 2 km away from Madanapalle, you can either go by walk or hire an auto rickshaw. you need to climb about 1000 steps to reach the Lord Venkateshwara temple which is on top of the temple. there are no vehicles available to the top of the hill.


My Experience

I was not aware of the place so took help from two of my friends and started our journey at 7.30 Am in the morning on bike where you can ride almost half of the hill from back side of the hill but we could not able to ride even half of the hill due to the road was not at all good, so we had started climbing which was very hard. After we reach the temple, too much of wind and really enjoyed the adventure and pleasant climate. check the below video or gallery for details.

Check the Basinikonda Temple Images


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