Amla Juice Recipe

Best things about Amla

Amla helps in curing diabetes and also urinary problems. It is very useful in the treatment of ulcers and hyper acidity. It is Good cure for cold & cough. Helps as an eye tonic and cure of eye ailments. It serves well as a beautifying agent. It is also an excellent tonic for strengthening hair roots and for maintaining hair color. Helps for curing mental and physical weakness. Helps in purifying blood. Helps for curing heart ailments. Provides our body enough resistance to fight with various ailments

Ingredients for Amla Juice Recipe

  • Fresh Amla – 4 or 5 (washed, remove nut and finely chopped)
  • Honey/sugar as required
  • Water as required


  • Take a blender and blend the amla pieces by adding ½ cup of water
  • Filter it and take the juice out
  • Transfer the juice in a small jar and dilute it with some water as per your taste
  • Now add some honey or sugar and mix well
  • Finally healthy & delicious Amla juice ready to be served

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