5 Reasons Food is the Only Thing To Win a Girl’s Heart

There is no love sincerer than the love for food. –George Bernard Shaw

The love for food is something that unites people of different cultures and backgrounds: whether you look at students who come together in their break to share their lunch boxes or you look at people from all over the country who come together to attend the same food festival. Since we have seen extremely different people being united in their love for food, it would not be wrong to assume that food can be a common factor that makes a relationship stronger- romantic or platonic.

So it’s time you replace all your elaborate romantic gestures with platters of delicious food, because that, my friends, is the quickest and surest way to a girl’s heart.

Here are some ways in which food is going to help you build a healthy and happy relationship

1) Shows that you’ve put thought into making her day special

If you want to make your significant other feel special, a meal at her favourite restaurant is bound to make her happier than flowers or chocolates, because it shows that you took time out to take her preferences into account, instead of simply getting her a standard and impersonal gift. An even better idea is to cook her favourite meal because that also shows that you are ready to dedicate a significant amount of your time to make her feel special.

2) Shows that you care about her health and well-being

While people like to be independent, they also enjoy being taken care of once in a while. By ensuring that a girl has eaten, you are essentially showing her that you care about her well-being and under no circumstances want her to go hungry. She will always appreciate you for looking out for her at a time when she was too busy to do so herself, because more than big romantic gestures, it’s the smallest of things that make a girl feel special and loved.

3) A full stomach will put anyone in a better mood

A study carried out by the scientists of Drexel University in the US revealed that a woman is more receptive to romance when her stomach is full.

When a woman is hungry, getting food becomes her first priority and she is unable to direct her attention to any other activity. Under such circumstances, no matter what you do she will be unaffectionate and unresponsive. Therefore, the best way to set the mood right is to ensure that your significant other is well fed. As it is, whenever we are hungry, we tend to get more cranky and irrational.

There are some delicious dishes that will make the perfect use of your cooking skills and also put a smile on your lady’s face:

4) A romantic dinner and some wine makes for the perfect date

Whether it’s your first date ever or if it’s a date that you decide to go on while taking some time out from looking after your kids, a romantic dinner can never go wrong. The perfect meal, candles and a tall glass of your favourite red or white wine can make almost any day better. On one hand, sharing a meal with someone is a romantic and intimate activity, and on the other hand, sharing food also allows two people to actually talk and get to know each other- more than a date at the movies or the arcade. Moreover, if the date is going bad, food talk can serve as the buffer between two people to ease the tension.

While you want to make sure that you don’t order something that puts either of you in a bad mood; one thing is sure to improve the overall atmosphere is dessert.

5) Shows that you are willing to take the responsibility

Gone are the days when men looked for wives who were good cooks; now men and women both search for partners who would be willing to share their household responsibilities. While cooking is and can be an act of leisure, for many it feels like a duty.

Women are highly appreciative of men who don’t shy away from helping them with household duties. It makes women feel loved and supported and also gives them a sense of reassurance that they have found someone who is ready to support them in every aspect of life. Modern men cook for their wives and with their wives. While it may not be a highly romantic gesture, it does show a woman that you are willing to help her out in every possible way.


Although you cannot simply build a relationship with your love for food if all other aspects of your lives and personalities are incompatible. However, a common love for food can definitely bring two people closer and strengthen their bond.

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