5 Common Mistakes While Brewing Kombucha

We all know that the packaged kombucha costs decent sum and many of you are always experimenting with preparing the fizzy fix at your home. In any case, custom made kombucha is pretty much a mix of science and art. There’s a ton of things that can turn out badly. Before you jump to your phone and buy kombucha online, here are some handy tips to consider. Below are the well-known mistakes that individuals make when fermenting kombucha.

5 Tips For Brewing Kombucha


  1. Utilizing the Wrong Tea

It’s pretty common fact that black tea serve as the perfect partner for kombucha, given that the SCOBY, otherwise called the “mother”, which makes it alive and fermented with dynamic cultures, similar to yogurt, prefers the tannins present in the tea. Usual green tea additionally works, yet it goes best with the black. Stay away from tea with included flavorings such as a fruity green. You can include your own seasoning later. Loose-leaf and stowed tea also work well, yet in the event that will experience the inconvenience of creating your own particular kombucha, just get some Kombucha Australia online!

  1. Getting All Fancy with the Sugar

Kombucha appears like it’d run as an inseparable unit with crude nectar, single-tree maple syrup and more, yet they don’t make the best alternatives for nourishing SCOBY or knocking up the fermentation procedure. Simple, old granulated white sugar is effectively processed by yeast and microorganisms. In case you’re stressed over devouring huge amounts of using refined sugar, there’s no need to. Till the time your kombucha becomes ready to drink, the greater part of the sugar will already be consumed by the SCOBY.

  1. Not Providing the Booch Enough Space to Breathe

After you’ve consolidated the SCOBY, let the soaked and filtered tea cool to reach the room temperature so that the microscopic organisms developed and the sugar aren’t affected. You can simply store it in a open glass jug and wrap the opening with cheesecloth or something like net. The fabric is meant to keep out annoying things like flies and bugs meanwhile enabling it to rest. Without proper room to breathe, the kombucha will not ferment. After covering with the cheesecloth on the top with an elastic band, just keep it in a dull place that’ll remain between 70-73 degrees.

Brewing Kombucha

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  1. Giving It Improper Time to Ferment – Too Much or Too Less!

Experts suggest that you need to taste your kombucha day by day to check its progress. This enables you to screen the clumps advance intently. Give it a chance to mature too some time before filtering and packaging, and the yeast will cease to exist as it comes up short on nourishment. This brings about an exceptionally loco, vinegar-tasting item, which is absolutely a no-no.

Same is the case when you interrupt the fermentation procedure too early, and you’ve basically made a sweetened tea. The ideal mix of tart-like, funk, somewhat sweet and black out taste of tea is something which may take somewhere in the range of 1 week to a month, contingent upon nature, the quality of your SCOBY as well as your own inclinations.

Moreover, in case your kombucha is percolating like bubbles, that is a decent sign of a great kombucha! After you’ve considered it “without flaw,” you’ll have to exchange it into a jug with a firmly fitting cover for the second stage of fermentation. This phase takes around one to two weeks, by and large. This second stage takes into account more carbonation development also called Air Pockets, and is likewise a chance to include flavorings, as new ginger or organic product juice.

  1. Unhygienic or Dirty

Well, cleanliness is important in everything and when it comes to making kombucha at home, it is a must. It’s critical not to present any harmful contaminants like dust or undesirable microbes to your prepared booch, given that it is a fermented plus living item. Note that your SCOBY is comprised of good microscopic organisms so you shouldn’t leave any chance to spoil it. This signifies working clean amid each phase of the procedure.

  • You can use clean jars, utensils, etc to store kombucha.
  • Don’t check it daily with the same used spoon. Try using a straw to check the progress.
  • Anytime when your SCOBY becomes infected with the bad bacteria, just leave and start again. Never use it for consumption.

All in all, it requires patience, some effort, and a pinch of carefulness to end up with a great booch while just a mistake to spoil everything.

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