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Top 10 Richest Cities in India

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1.    Mumbai – GDP of 209 Billion USD
It contributes 10% of factory employment, 30% of IT collections, 20% central excise tax collection, 40% of foreign trade collection,
2.    Delhi – GDP of 167 Billion USD
Key service sectors include Information Technology, hotels, banking, media, and tourism contributed more than 80% of Delhi’s GDP.
3.    Kolkata – GDP of 150 Billion USD
Kolkata has become an important destination for various IT firms and BPOs.
Some global companies with headquarters in Kolkata include ITC Limited, Allahabad Bank, and Uco Bank.
4.    Bangalore – GDP of 83 Billion USD
Bangalore is ranked among the top 10 locations in the world that are preferred by entrepreneurs. Bangalore employs about 35% of the IT professionals in the country.
5.    Hyderabad – GDP of 74 Billion USD
A prominent IT city, Hyderabad has offices of Google, Amazon, IBM, and various other international companies.
6.    Chennai – GDP of 66 Billion USD
Many automobile giants like Ford, Nissan, BMW etc have their headquarters in Chennai
7.    Ahmedabad – GDP of 64 Billion USD
dani Group, Nirma, Arvind Mills, Cadila, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals are some major international companies with their base in the city.
8.    Pune – GDP of 48 Billion USD
With more than 250 German companies setting up their offices in Pune, the city has been the single largest hub for German industries for the past 60 years.
9.    Surat – GDP of 40 Billion USD
 Surat is known as the Diamond Hub of the world. 90% of the total rough diamonds in the world are cut and polished in Surat.
10.Visakhapatnam – GDP of 26 Billion USD
This largest city of Andhra Pradesh has heavy industries like GAIL, Vizag Steel, and Hindustan Steel. fishes like Tuna and various other dried fishes are exported from Visakhapatnam

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