India is the best tourist destination which attracts tourists from different countries because, it has attractive tourist places that is so rich in history, culture, heritage, people, sightseeing and many more. You will surely like find India is one of the best vacations ever. The very first place that you need to visit in India… (0 comment)

Egg Crescents Recipe Step by Step
Ingredients for Egg Crescents Recipe   Bread slices – 8 Lettuce leaves – 8 Boiled eggs – 4 (finely chopped) Onions – 2 tbsp (finely chopped) Capsicum – 2 tbsp (finely chopped) Mayonnaise sauce – ½ cup Salt to taste Pepper to taste Method: Take bread slice brush a little mayonnaise over it place lettuce… (0 comment)

Top Five Ways to Lose Weight Fast
When you are managing a marvel as different as individuals, it is exceptionally hard to make rules which will work similarly well for everybody. In any case, there are a few attributes shared by every single person, and this implies some essential standards can be produced. Here are five demonstrated procedures to enable you to… (0 comment)

Simple tadka for chutneys   Ingredients for simple tadka Oil – 1 tbsp Curry leaves – 1 spring Mustard seeds – ½ tsp urad dal – ½ tbsp chana dal – ½ tbsp Dry red chilli – 2 Method: Heat oil in a small pan, add mustard seeds and let them splutter Then add curry… (0 comment)

pudina chutney recipes south indian
Ingredients for pudina chutney   Pudina – 2cups Green chilli – 5 (roughly chopped) Tamarind – small piece Onion – 1 (roughly chopped) Garlic – 4 cloves Ground nuts – ½ cup Oil- 2 tbsp Salt to taste   Method:  Soak tamarind in water until it become soft, extract juice, filter it and keep it… (0 comment)