5 Actresses Who Committed Suicide
Celebrities commit suicide not only about their professional life but there are celebrity who has ended their life due to personal and relationship problem.  Bidisha Bezbaruah This actress aged 30 years, acted in recently released film “Jagga Jasoos” with Ranbir Kapoor, was found dead in her residency. Anjali Srivastava Anjali Srivastava was a Bhojpuri actress… (0 comment)

Automatic toothbrush that takes just 10 Seconds to clean entire mouth
A bizarre automatic toothbrush that takes just 10 seconds to clean your teeth and remove plaque could save you hours in the bathroom every year. The Amabrush, which looks like a bristly mouth guard, can dispense toothpaste and vibrates to clean every tooth. Why Amabrush Automatic Toothbrush Every other person avoids tooth brushing in the evening… (0 comment)