Complete Puja Procedure For Navratri Puja Vidhi
Navaratri vidhi known as festival of sharannavarathri, for nine days matha Parvathi the prime deity and goddess is revered in different forms by the devout Hindus. Puja vidhana’s are narrated in our sasthras. Matha is revered as Kali in Bengal and Chamundi/Mahishamardini in Karnataka and in various forms all over India. The famous festival was… (0 comment)

Meat and seafood list English to Telugu English English Transliteration Telugu Transliteration 1 Egg Kodi Guddu కోడి గుడ్డు 2 Chicken Kodi Mamsam కోడి మాంసం 3  Mutton Gorre Mamsam గొర్రె మాంసం 4 Fish Chepa Mamsam చేప మాంసం 5 Prawn Royyalu రొయ్యలు 6 Pork Pandi Mamsam పంది మాంసం 7 crab Pīta పీత… (0 comment)

India is the best tourist destination which attracts tourists from different countries because, it has attractive tourist places that is so rich in history, culture, heritage, people, sightseeing and many more. You will surely like find India is one of the best vacations ever. The very first place that you need to visit in India… (0 comment)

After demonetization the Indian government has been aggressively promoting a digital economy. Thus, after a digital revolution people are showing interest towards digital transfers through Mobile Wallets. The best part about these wallets is that individual can transfer money not only faster but also 24 hours a day. It also saves lot of time as… (0 comment)

10 Best Road Trips In India By Car
India has some of the best roadways, and you will never know what’s in it until you explore it. Road trips are an experience where you will get to know yourself and people accompanying you, like never before! If you love travelling or driving or both, then let us unravel these must- take road trips for… (0 comment)