10 Plants That Eat Animals and Insects


10 Plants That Eat Animals

1.    Venus Flytrap Plants
Where: Eastern coasts of United States,
Feeds on small insects. The trapping mechanism is triggered when the sensitive hairs on the leaves are stimulated. The leaves snap shut immediately.

2.   Darlingtonia Californica
Where: California
Unlike other pitcher plants, the plant does not store rainwater but pump the water from its roots. the plant has also many false exit points aimed to exhaust the prey.

3.   Nepenthes
Where :  South East Asia, China, India, Madagascar and Australia
The trap includes a pitcher formed at the tip of tendrils on the leaves. It contains a fluid, which is slippery, that drowns the prey.

4.   Sundew Plant
Where: Australia, New Zealand
 Sundew is a genus of small carnivorous plants. Also known as Rainbow plants, they are small plants with a passive trapping mechanism.

5.   Utricularia Plant
Where : Every continent except Antarctica
Utricularia employs bladder-like traps to capture preys that include protozoa, mosquito larvae and fish fry.

6.   Pinguicula Plant
Where: America, Europe and Asia
Populary known as Butterworts, The trapping mechanism in Pinguicula is aided by two glands found on the leaves. These droplets attract an insect and when it lands, the gland produces more mucilage which covers the insect.
7.   Heliamphora Plant
Where:  South America
The plants use pitfall traps to attract and kill the prey but need help of symbiotic bacteria for digestion. it produces its own enzymes for digestion and can trap flying insects.

8.   Sarracenia Plant
Where: North America
The plant use smell, nectar and colour to attract the prey into the pitcher. Once the insect is trapped, it finds it impossible to escape due to the slippery surface and the fine.

9.   Aldrovanda Vesiculosa Plant
Where: Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia
The plant feeds on small aquatic invertebrates, and use traps similar to those of the Venus Flytrap to capture the prey. The trap consist of two lobes which are folded together underwater.

10. Brocchinia Reducta Plant
Where: South America
The water stored in the cup also produces a sweet odor, attract ants and other insects. The insect once inside, gets slipped into the water and eventually drowns.

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