10 New Android O Features That Will Make Your Phone Better

10 New Android O features that will make your phone better

1. No more broken emoji
A new feature for developers lets them integrate a new emoji library that automatically fills in missing emoji even if you don’t have it available yet on your keyboard.
2. Smart Sharing
If a user takes a photo of a receipt, Android O can suggest an expense-tracking app
3. Cleaner Icons
Android developers can now create an array of icons to match the styles for different devices.
4. Notification Snoozing
One notable tweak will be the ability to snooze a notification for later
Badge Notifications
Small dots that appear over an app icon to indicate a new notification from that app.
Background Colors For Notifications
Developers will have the ability to enable background colours for notifications from their app.
7. Notification Channels
Notification channels let you decide which types of notifications you want to see from your apps.
8. New Android TV Launcher
Android TV is getting a redesigned launcher menu that emphasizes content discovery.
9. New animation styles
Android O is adding support for a new animation style called physics-based animation.
10. Picture-in-picture
Android O is getting support for picture-in-picture that works with any app, not just YouTube.

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